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Monday, January 1, 2001

Dungeon Crawl: The Fall

Sari Godtouched, abused and used and driven mad by all the gods, hopes that in the war to defend Vondrin Twice-Gated she will die. In a way she does. Sari falls from the grace of her goddess, Medea the Goddess of Innocents, and begins a new life soaked in bloodshed in warfare.

Ten years after her fall Sari works as a consulting detective for the Vondrin police department. It's a thankless job that often involves running out of dates to fight demons and being up to her knees in mud. When a serial killer and a stalker combine to make Sari's life hell on earth she turns the tables and goes for the throat.

If Sari can save her friends and stop the second war at Vondrin's desert gate she might have a chance to save herself.

Dungeon Crawl: The Fall is 50,181 words right now and aimed at 75k when it ends. This is my NaNo 2009 novel.

Sari Fallen
Sverrre the Berseker
Ashton Cairnes
The Snazel
Rayna the Cat

Dungeon Crawl Wordle

Will I ever edit this? Who knows.

My favorite part of the novel, by far, is the lively gods that populate the pantheons around Vondrin. Sari serves Medea, but there are other gods vying for her attention. Kith, god of war, maddness, and literature. Aerion, another god of war. Ah'ceal, goddess of passion. Hades, god of the dead. And Persephone, the former mortal who ascended to godhood with her marriage to Hades and who is, in a way, the goddess of choices and edges.

Light or dark. This or that. Yes or no. That's where the prayers to Persephone are heard and, in a way, that's where Sari's story takes place.

At 50k Persephone hasn't even made an appearance yet, but I adore her character. I could see myself writing Persephone's story.

The idea sheet has pictures borrowed from various open sources. The words are from the chorus of Consider Me Gone by Reba McEntire.

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