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Monday, January 1, 2001

Fey Lights

A story about lost love, second chances, and revenge...

When Jeani crash lands on a backwater world, she knows she's in trouble. The slave trader Hothi is looking for her, and her bosses are going to eat her alive if she screws up another mission.

Discovering she's half a world away from the planet's only space port is a blow - but it doesn't rock her nearly as much as her reunion with a man she barely remembers, from a past she wants to forget. Can she do the right thing, and leave him again?

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Dominique caught her as she swayed. Her blood was red as his, but she was no island-born or Lander. He'd known it the first time he'd seen her lying on the streets of Urull, the first time he'd carried her home and cared for her as she healed. It seemed he was bound to do it again.
He carried her through the jungle to the wood hut he called home. It wasn't as grand as the tall buildings of Urull. There were no paintings or bedrooms with colored walls, but it was his own, and built by hand to suit his needs.

He'd never brought a woman back here because the only woman he'd wanted all these years — the one he'd searched relentlessly for as he traveled from Urull to the isles to the far sea—was the one he carefully laid on his bed now.

The tattoo was gone, vibrant green ink replaced by pale scars. Her hair was no longer the short, raggedy mess he remembered. She looked healthier now. Her skin didn't cling to bone. There were muscles now, and curves.

He found himself tracing the familiar curve of her lips, and stopped himself. There would be time for touching later.

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