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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rayna the Cat (guest character spotlight)

This is for Mary Jensen (aka Feywriter) who asked me to include her kitten, Rayna, in my NaNo novel. Rayna passed away Monday and since this is a novel that specializes in bringing the dead back to life I decided a reoccuring cat would be a nice addition.

Also, we have another Snazel reference (Jasmine Stairs) and Ashton Cairnes (landino14's character) is in the scene.

Sari enjoyed Vondrin at night. There was a certain charm to the city. The juxtaposition of new buildings made of metal and glass beside the older buildings of daub and whitewash and paint. In the glow of pixie fire the Jasmine Stairs, wide and shallow, led up to the Wall and the desert gate. Thick white jasmine vined along the edges of the street. Pale tan buildings were decorated by glowing enchantments in muted hues or potted plants swaying in the evening breeze and lit with soft glows of their own.

A tortoiseshell short hair cat, black with patches of orange and cream, and gold eyes climbed out from under the jasmine overgrowing the sides of the stair and blinked at them.

"Rayna!" A beautiful mage woman with swirling violet robes made a grab for the cat. "Come here you silly thing!" The mage saw them and smiled with a tinny laugh. "She has a mind if her own."

"Don't all cats?" Autumn asked.

The mage muttered under her breath and Rayna the cat came floating out of the flowers. She mewed in protest. "Come here, fluffball, we have work to do tonight."

When the mage turned Sari hastily turned a laugh to a cough. The back of the woman's exotic robes were covered with black paw prints done in ink.

"Research mages," Cairnes muttered. "I always tell people, if you're going to keep ink pots at home get a fish for a familiar. No one ever listens."


  1. Yay! I love this. Thank you for including Rayna in your story. :-)

  2. Can I be a place too, since Laurens --> Laurels, the trees? O:) the Inky Laurels, the Inky Grove, the Blotted Grove (rofl), even the Green Grove? :D hehe.


  3. Inkblot- I have you in the story already %-) But I have a grove too, so you can have both parts.

    Mary- Hugs. I'm glad you like :)

    Lotus- Hello! How is everything?

  4. Inky- Yes. Yes you will %-) You may not *speak* to me when you see yourself. I'm being rather evil to my characters. But you will recognize the name.