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Monday, January 4, 2016

Getting Into The Groove

Happy Monday! The blog is getting back into full swing for 2016 so let's find out what we have scheduled for you...

Mondays: Random thought of the week days. This may include writing challenges, feedback about books I read over the weekend, or just other random thoughts.

Tuesdays: Impulse Buy Of The Week books. Every Tuesday I'll spotlight a book (or two) that is full-length and under $5USD. There is a newsletter for those who don't feel like checking blogs.

Wednesdays: Writing posts. Everything from finding a good indie editor to handling writer's block.

Thursdays: Guest posts. In related news: contact me if you'd like to do a guest post.

Fridays: Wrap up! A quick look at the week in publishing and general fun and amusement for all.

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