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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Do the cover art dance with me!

I got cover art! It's so pretty! I got cover art! I got new books for you! Be happy!

Here's the working blurb for the HEROES AND VILLAINS Collection:

We all have our favorite superhero stories – now it's the villains' turn to talk.

When Zephyr Girl broke into Dr. Charm's lab looking for the affair of the century she found her happily ever after. Despite the odds, Tabitha and Evan carved out room for a family of their own. In Even Villains Fall In Love, Evan faces the ultimate decision: world domination, or the woman he loves? With the help of their four loveable (and mischievous) daughters, Evan sets out to rescue his wife--and his marriage.

In Even Villains Go To The Movies, Angela, eldest of the quads, is all grown up and having problems of her own. Hunted by The Company as a rogue hero, Angela heads to California to hide out. Scoring a job (or two) in Hollywood helps pay the bills, but when a gang of superpowered jewel thieves hit town Angela will have to choose between lying low or helping a superhero who's too hot for his own good, in more ways than one.

And in Even Villains Have Interns, Angela's sister Delilah is better than most at staying out of trouble--after all, she's a villain, not just a rogue. But when rumors reach her of big-game hunters coming to town and a mysterious drug that everyone--including The Company--is after, it looks like trouble's found her whether she wants it or not. Teaming up with the spooky Spirit of Chicago, she aims to take down the dealers, the mobsters, the kingpin, and The Company. The only thing that might be difficult is doing it all without falling in love...

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