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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Printing Heroes and Villains... (a very parenthetical post)

... okay, let's clear up a few things before anyone has a panic attack.

1) The Heroes and Villains series is not getting renamed.

2) The Heroes and Villains books are coming out in print.

3) Even Villains Fall In Love is still too dern short! Novellas don't look like real books to me. I don't like them in print! They're too small! And EVFIL is the shortest of the series right now because I wrote it (originally) to go in an anthology (it didn't make the anthology obviously).

4) There are requests for Even Villains Fall In Love to be in print, so we need to compromise...

Right now my plan is to get the books up and then create print editions. The ebooks will retail for 99cents USD (EVFIL) and $2.99 for the longer books. The print will cost $5.99- $8.99 (and $5.99 is at price so pennies for profit). This will all be out by the end of May (cover artist willing).

That's all nice and lovely, but it won't get a thick spine on the Heroes and Villains books.

To achieve that goal I'm working with the cover artist who did the covers for Books 2 and 3, Victoria Miller, and she is going to make a collection cover for all three books. All three stories, one book, for a total of about 400 pages of villainish fun. The collection will be available as print and ebook. Both formats will be priced so that buying the collection will be slightly cheaper than buying the individual books.

For those who have the original Breathless Press prints, hang onto to those, they'll be collector's items if I ever become a big name author. I think there's maybe ten print copies of each book running loose in the world with the BP logo on them, and in twenty years you can auction them off to fund your retirement.

Plotting world domination of the book universe aside, there is one MAJOR problem standing between this book and your shelf: I don't have a title. 

Heroes and Villains is out for a variety of reasons (DC and Marvel). EVEN VILLAINS________ seems like the most logical choice, but I haven't picked anything yet. So, hit me up with your suggestions in the comment box. If I pick your title you'll be listed next to the editor and cover artist as a contributing talent to the book and I'll send you an autographed copy.


  1. Well, let's see. You're writing about a family of heroes and villains so maybe there should be something in the title referring to that? And the books are known for the Even Villains titles so let's try keeping that too.

    Even Villains Are Family
    Even Villains Have Family Issues/Crises/History (first three choices that came to me)
    Even Villains Need a Family
    The Even Villains Family
    Even Villains Have Problems
    Even Villains Fight Crime
    Even Villains Can Be Heroes

    I had thought about A Family Affair but that was a TV show and I wasn't sure if you could use that title.

    Anyway, those are the ones I came up with quickly. Maybe they'll spark your imagination for a title. Since, after all, you know how many books you want to write in this series and how they all interact. :)

  2. Oh, by the way, we're moving at the end of the month. I'll email you my change of address. My email is staying the same.

    1. I will try to get you your postcard before you move. :)

    2. Cool. Just send it to my new address. I sent the email yesterday :)

  3. Even Villains Need a Hero

    1. I like that one too! Pippa Jay suggested Even Villains Triple Shot on Twitter... we might have to vote.

    2. Lol. I think that was what my mind was trying to work toward but I had too many things on it. You have my vote if it comes to voting. :)

  4. Even Heroes Can Be Villains. Although I must say I like @ebthompson93's title better.

  5. Evan Villains have a personal life

    Or just plan

    Even villains have a life.

    1. Even Villains Have a Life? I like that...