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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm going to paint the windows!

Fan Fact: The only class I had trouble with in grade school was art. I remember one project where the teacher told us to draw an object laying on top of the paper. "Draw a leaf laying there," she said.

I could picture it in my head. Beautiful autumn leaves laying on the paper. I wanted to draw maple leaves, but I could remember how the crinkles on the edges went, so I drew a fern leaf. I drew it real small and it looked wrong. So I drew a frond. But the frond was out of place. So I drew the whole plant. But a plant can't survive without soil and water so I drew a pot. But the pot was just hanging in the air, so I drew a table. But the table looked strange so I drew the rest of the greenhouse where a fern would grow.

I can still picture what I wanted to draw and remember what I did draw. They were nothing alike. If I'm honest, I'd say it was probably my best piece of art ever. I can't draw. I can't paint. I don't understand perspective and breaking things down to geometric shapes is a magical accomplishment far beyond my skill level.

Yet, somehow, I convinced myself that the best solution for my bedroom window was faux stained glass.

See, I'm in the land of the midnight sun and not only is there light outside my window 24/7 (either sunlight or the flood lights that are triggered by low light) but my "view" such as it is is the mud under the porch. All the bedrooms are in the basement with windows at ground level. It's very depressing to wake up every day and look at mud.

What I'd like to do is paint the windows with a glass paint that I can peel off when we move. The paint exists. The windows are definitely there. What I don't have is a design. There's no way I can freehand this project. I need a design... and you're going to help!

Don't you love getting roped into my crazy fun with no warning? Of course you do! That's why you're still here :)

I have some Alaska postcards. You have ideas. Let's put them together.

Email with a stained glass design I can trace for my window and include your mailing address so I can send a post card. I really want ocean and beach themes for my bedroom, but I'll take cool jungle, castle/fairytale/princess, and Ancient Civilizations (Egypt is a bonus) themes for the other downstairs window.

- send your email with the title "Window Art For Liana" so your message doesn't wind up in the spam folder
- 1 email/postcard per person
- no more than 5 images per email (because downloading a crazy amount of pictures is crazy)
- if you send me a virus, you don't get a postcard
- no profane, XXX, erotic, or horror images - I want kid friendly and calming so no creepy fairytales
- if you don't add a mailing address or name I can't send you a postcard


  1. How about a link? http://www.freepatternsforstainedglass.com/freescenicpatterns.html

    1. Wow, what happened with the spacing?

    2. Ooo!!! Thank you.

      I've no idea what happened with the spacing. Just run with it. Send me an email if you want a postcard. :)

    3. K, sent the email. Now I have to wait for the postcard......that requires patience!!!! :P