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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Still settling in...

I meant to write this great post today about something fabulous and really get back in the groove, but no. I spent Monday registering kids for school and buying snow pants, and today running all the other errands needed to keep them in school, like confirming our residency status and replacing my missing ID card.

Here's what you need to know:
- I am alive.
- The pre-order links for EVEN VILLAINS HAVE INTERNS are not available yet and I don't know why.
- Dog is scheduled to fly out of Kansas City airport January 14th. Everyone cross your fingers.
- JANE 2 is past the 1/4 mark.
- JANE DOE: The Day Before is in edits with editing notes from Mr. Editor. A quick glance as the notes suggests I'm going to survive this experience, my twitter feed may suggest otherwise.
- The kids are in school, the couch and all our clothes are still in transit, and yes - Alaska is as cold and dark as you always suspected.
- Even Villains Have Interns is coming soon and there will be chocolate for someone. I'm still working on details. But there will definitely be chocolate.

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