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Monday, January 12, 2015

Release Week!!!!

*throws confetti in the air*

Wheeee!!!! All the books are coming out this week! EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES is in print. EVEN VILLAINS HAVE INTERNS is hitting the virtual shelves with a print book to follow in February. It's a crazy, crazy week in the house of Brooks!

And, really, you do not want me to spend all week talking about my books. I could. I love talking about my books. And I have, Breathless Press sent both books on a virtual tour and I wrote any number of blog posts and interview answers back in November (and I totally lost count but I'll link to them later).

But I'm afraid you'd get terribly bored if I spent all week talking about my own books.

So, because I love my readers, I went and talked to some author buddies of mine and asked if any of them would be interested in sharing the spotlight this week. They are going to stop by, one a day, with a spotlighted book and a rafflecopter sign up. On Friday, when EVEN VILLAINS HAVE INTERNS debuts, a winner will be drawn from the rafflecopter and that lucky winner will not only get an e-copy of all three of the Heroes and Villains books (feel free to give the extras to a friend if you already have a copy), but you'll get a copy of each of the spotlight books from this week. Eight books! Wheee!

Who could say no to books?

.... you know what. Don't tell me. If there's someone who can say no to books I just don't want to know about it.

Get your reading lights ready! The first spotlight book will be up in only a few hours!

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