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Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend Fun And Games

Are you ready to play a game? I know I am! Let's play "Where Is Liana Moving Next?"

Isn't it a fun game? I've been playing it for months now while my husband put out job applications. Fun, fun, fun! And now we have an answer. But just telling you where I'm going would too boring. So let's guess where I'm going, okay? Leave your answer in the comments and on Monday I will pick a random right answer to win a set of my books. Because books are fun.

Am I moving to...
1) Pensacola, Florida (i.e. the beautiful place we left in 2013 with beaches and friends and fun)
2) Jackson, Mississippi (Deep South, hot summer, good food... who doesn't love Ol' Miss?)
4) Anchorage, Alaska (where they have more snow than I ever want to see)
5) Denver, Colorado (also way too frikkin cold, but close to family)
6) Atlanta, Georgia (where they have whale sharks!)

Not sure? I'll give you some hints. Put your answer in the comment box as soon as you guess and be sure to tell me how many hints it took you to reach your answer. :)

Hint #1, there's a road that looks like this!!!

Look at all that sunshine! 

Hint #2, there's a wall that looks like this!!!

Hint #3, the view at night is spectacular!!!

Hint #4, my new neighbors look something this....

Where do you think I'm going???


  1. Alaska. But don't put me in the draw as I have all your books already. :)

  2. I'm going to say Anchorage, just because I think you would love all the snow. ;)

  3. Do I win because I guessed correctly before even looking at this post?

    1. Leave a comment here so I can remember?

  4. Alaska. How exciting where ever you end up.

  5. Hmm, general consensus is that you're moving to Alaska and picture 3 certainly reinforces mountains and snow. Of course, Colorado also has mountains and snow but picture 2 indicates there's whaling nearby so that makes it more Alaska than Colorado.

    So guess I'll follow the crowd and say Alaska. You are really giving your kids experience with different climates within the same country.

  6. Suppose it'd be a bit of cheating on my part to guess, but I will just say, "Enjoy!!!"