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Friday, May 2, 2014

Free Comic Book Day!

Tomorrow (Saturday May 3rd) is Free Comic Book Day!!! Yipee! 

I first about this, oh, years ago. But last year was the first time I participated. Honestly, I prepped for it like I was going to a test. Could I name all the main X-Men? When was the first Batman comic? How many times has Captain America died?

I'd heard all these horror stories about how people treated girls in Geekdom that I was worried I'd have to run the gauntlet to get my kids some comic books.

Turns out, it was awesome! Last year Free Comic Book Day was also on Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) and there were female bounty hunters. Needless to say, I was thankful for the lady cosplayers who made such kick-butt costumes, and my kids were entranced.

Plus, free comic books! There was a huge selection, lots of families, and no one hassled me or questioned my Geek-cred before they let me buy some extra comics. ... Of course I bought some extras! One does not wander into a book store and not buy all the books! It's simply not done.

Go to FreeComicBookDay.com, find a shop near you that's celebrating, and go get your Geek on tomorrow!

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