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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lucky In Love!

What is luck? Is it fate, or drive, or desire? Is someone lucky if they get the right job, the right date, the right parents? Can people be born lucky?

Ninety percent of the time Luck intuition mixed with being in the right place, at the right time, and knowing one more thing than everyone else. Luck is often just a way of saying that you want it more, that you're willing to work for something after everyone else has given up.

For Angela Smith luck means knowing the right people and not asking too many questions when she lands the job as stunt-double to a starlet when she moves to Hollywood to hide out. Heavy make up and a wig will keep her from getting caught. And she gets to get up close and personal to Hollywood's hottest bachelor... not bad, dark and sexy is your thing.

Catch up with Angela and her dreamboat in EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES

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  1. Already bought the book (which is FANTASTIC, by the way) but I'm always up for superhero socks.

  2. A stunt double, huh? Interesting job! Let's hope her luck doesn't run out. :)

  3. I helped beta read this. Very enjoyable.

  4. LOL, I love the title! Sounds like an interesting read!