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Friday, February 14, 2014

Books Are Better Than Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious. There's no denying the fact that most people enjoy a good chocolate confection at least once in their life. But, as presents go, chocolate is... dare I say weak?

Chocolate doesn't last. It isn't a diamond that will sparkle for years to come.

Chocolate doesn't improve your health. Tasty as it is, flowers are scientifically proven to be better for your health (looked at or eaten as it turns out).

The sad truth is, chocolate is the worst gift to receive for Valentine's Day. Especially if it's the kind in a heart-shaped box from the drugstore on the corner. That stuff's barely better than tile grout. No, if you want to show your beloved that they are truly special you buy them books.

Books! It's liking buying someone an extra life. A book can transport you to another world. A book can turn a pauper into a prince. Why, even your beloved's world of choice on a silver platter can't compare to universes you can give them with a book!

Do they want dragons? Spaceships? Essays? Recipes? Animals? Books can give you everything!

And no one complains if you have more than one Book Boyfriend.

So - single, dating, exclusive, committed, complicated, or enjoying multiple partners - treat yourself and the ones you love to a book. Worst case scenario: you spend all the money on your books because you don't have to share.


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