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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To Answer Your Question....

Does it get easier to write queries as you send out more stories?

Does submitting your work become less intimidating as you send out more stories?

Do you learn to spell really well?
NO. I have spell check.

Does it get easier to write the more you write?
... not really. Each story is unique, they all have their bad days.

Does rejection get easier the more rejections you get?
NO. Rejection always stings, but I'm not a rejection counter. I don't keep rejections unless they have valuable feedback. I collect royalty checks. It's a much more positive way of doing publishing.

Does fan mail or fans in general ever get old?
I hope not!

Can you quote your books? (I included this one for my twin...)
NO! Once I'm done working on a book and it's off my desk I treat it like Calculus and forget every detail. You can send me a line and I will ask what book it's from. You can tell me how much you loved a character and, unless they cross over to the book I'm working on, you will get a blank look. This worries my editor to no end. This is also why I have copious amounts of notes on the books I write.

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  1. Is there a particular author or more that you would love to collaborate with?