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Monday, January 6, 2014


Someone asked me if I wanted to write fanfiction. And, I admit, I had to think about it. There's a story I dearly love that isn't playing out the way I want. I'm a tidge bit upset with the author and I've love to see it end differently than I suspect it will. But... no.

I can't write fanfic.

Those aren't my characters. I don't know enough about their backgrounds, motivations, or inner thoughts to write the story right. They aren't mine to change.

That's why I write *my* books. I can't rewrite this doomed couple, but I can write characters with a similar style who get the happily ever after I want for them. I can take a piece of their personality I like and turn it into a character I love.

It means watching my doomed OTP die. It means crying as I let them go. But it means something more in the end. It means letting that author have the true story, and writing my own. And that's not a bad thing.

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