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Saturday, December 28, 2013



I've missed you!

We left Florida last Friday for the great drive north. It's cold up here. Really, terribly, horribly cold. I'm probably breaking the hotel budgets by turning the heating up in every room we stay in. It's the only way I can feel my toes!

We arrived in our new city on Monday and met up with my college roommate and BFF for a week of vacation. Which is another way of saying I locked myself in a midwestern resort with the heating turned to 80 and a stash of books. Six lovely days hidden away from the snow. I enjoyed it.

Today we moved into our fourth hotel of the trip. It's a longterm hotel with a kitchen. Kitchens are good. It's not a stocked kitchen though, so I'm hunting down a grocery store.

For those people who live in places not like the USA, finding a grocery store is a bit of a challenge. Different states have different grocery chains, and the ones I grew used to in the south don't exist up here. I don't know who carries what we like or which chains are reputable. And I don't know where they are because our hotel is near the highway and the airport rather than a suburban shopping area where moms can forage for food.

I'm hoping to get this all sorted by Monday so that we can get to some kind of normal. It won't be NORMAL normal, but it will be less like vacation and more like the last-week-before-school-starts. And maybe I can squeeze some writing into this crazy time. Right?

How was your week?

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