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Friday, October 11, 2013

Something Positive

It's been a rather long week hasn't it? A week full of ups and downs, and more bad news than anyone deserves. So I'm bringing back out the #SomethingPositive list. Tell the world what makes you happy! 

The rules are simple: play nice and number your answers. List as many things as you want, you can comment more than once if you think of more, if you have previously participated you are encouraged to participate again!

Our List That Started September 5th
1. Sunshine! I love a sunny day.

2. Laughter! I love to hear people happily laughing at good jokes and about cute kids.

3. Flowers! Bright little bursts of color everywhere.

4. Books! I love to read.

5. Sharks! Because, why not? Sharks are cool. 

6. Chocolate. Always

7. Good friends. They always make things better

8. New chooks. Because they're cute and fluffy and make adorable cheeping sounds, and eventually fresh eggs

9. Home grown tomatoes. They taste so amazing straight off the plant.

10. Freshly laundered bedding when you go to sleep in it for the first time. Heaven

11. Happy Music!

12. potstickers

13. knocking something off the bucket list

14. naps

15. Discovery.

16. Cloud formations.

17. The ocean.

18. Fresh cut grass.

19. That it's Comic Con weekend

20. That I'm going to comic con

21. That I am anticipating most excellent news sometime soon.

22. It's almost Friday

23. Hubby cooking dinner!

24. Ice cream (current fave: Heath Klondikes)

25. Making ginseng & ginger tea with honey.

26. Angry Orchard hard cider

27. Kittens

28. The brisk smell of autumn 

29. The sunset.

30. Baby giggles

31. When the coffee is finished brewing.

32. Colors

33. A long drive in the autumn through the countryside on a day where it's just nice 
enough to have the windows open, but the leaves have started to change.

34. Fog

35. The sound of my daughter's voice.

36. Music on my iPhone.

37. When, after a rain, the sun shines through raindrops on leaves.

38. Spending time with my husband, who is often very busy.

39. Reading a good book.

40. Playing with my cat.

41. Rainstorms. (Yes, they make me happy. I live in a desert so they're rare.)

42. Rainbows.

43. sunsets

44. sunrises

45. the changing seasons

46. Holidays

47. seeing the expression on someone's face when they finally understand a concept they were struggling with

48. watching a project form under your hands

49. following a family tradition at Holiday time - like curling on the couch with hot cider and watching the Santa Claus parade with my family

50. feeling surrounded by love

51. hearing an old favorite song on the radio and realizing you still know all the words

52. dancing in the rain

53. Espresso coffee

54. My lovely husband

55. Cats

56. My Kindle, loaded with treasure

57. living where I do, & stepping outside on a dark, starry night, breathing fresh Welsh air & silence.

Contributors so far...
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  1. 58. Fresh baked cookies and cakes
    59. Smiles, they're an automatic happy feeling
    60. Surprising people with little gifts - of time, actions, or hand-made projects

  2. 61. Three day weekend! (Columbus Day)

  3. 62. My duvet. It's warm, welcoming, cuddly, and doesn't expect anything in return. :P

  4. 62. My husband being home on a Friday!
    62. Hot peppers (so tasty!).
    63. A really good car mechanic
    64. Finding a new restaurant that's delicious
    65. Shrimp
    66. Coastal views

  5. 67. A nice, hot, bubble bath.

  6. 68. Garlic bread. *om nom nom*
    69. Late nights with good friends.
    70. New friends that just click right away
    71. Answers to prayer
    72. New opportunities that are as terrifying as they are exciting