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Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Day: Another Rat To Race

The days are getting shorter. I used to be able to judge the time by looking for the 5:30am sunrise. Now it's still dark at six when the alarm goes off.

The weather is getting colder. With the cold and the return to school comes colds, ear infections, and sick kids. One down, three to go!

The book is coming. My countdown clock to EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES started ticking last night... two months to go. Two months until you get to read it (plus lag time for Nook).

Sometimes publishing makes you feel like the rat in the maze, or, at the very least, the hamster on the treadmill. You go and work and plot and write and it seems to go nowhere for months, sometimes years. All this hard work that no one notices, and then suddenly PUBLICATION DAY!

After months of seeming to go nowhere, you burst into the electronic light of e-book stores everywhere. And it's over. The book is finally, truly, irrevocably done.

Until the next hamster wheel is pushed out. It's funny, but when you promise fans a series they expect, y'know, a SERIES of books. I have two weeks to finish up Book 3 if I want to stay on schedule. So it's back to the rat race of petered out subplots, switchbacks, red herrings, and confusion. Back to the land of lost plots.

Wish me luck, my lovely ones, rough drafts are in my future!
- Liana