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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What are you doing now?

I know you all think that I spend all day sun bathing in this glorious vista while schools of angel fish swim around me like angels... but this is our rainy season and the run off into the gulf causes an algae bloom that means our blinding white sand is now being caressed a surf of shag carpet and dead fish.

Don't tell the tourism industry I said this, but the humidity isn't all that fabulous either.

So, despite living in the armpit of paradise, I'm not cultivating a precancerous glow. No. I'm writing. And editing. And writing. And finding new beta readers. And editing. And writing. And losing my mind. And writing. And editing. And editing. And editing.

But I will spare you a rendition of ♪This is the edit that never ends!♫ and give you the news I do have.

EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES is with my beautiful editor after the prelim round of edits. There is no pub date picked yet but plan on reading it on a snowy day. Which is terribly ironic since it's a summer book. There will be motorcycles.

LADY OF THE LAKE is 25% done. Yeah! Throw a little party for the Scottish UF. I don't know about this one, guys. It's a weird little book. With a lot of slang and a lot of different languages thrown in. It's either going to be amazing, or suck duck eggs. I can't tell which way it's going yet. Don't plan on seeing it before 2015, soonest.

HEROES AND VILLAINS BOOK 3 which is tentatively titled "Even Villains Save The Day" is 10% done, will probably be as long as MOVIES, takes place in Chicago, has Delilah, has a bodyguard, is set in winter, and is the superhero romance you know and love. It's sweet. You'll like it. Look for it in 2014.

JANE DOE is up on the blocks again after some lengthy feedback from one of the agents who read a full. I really appreciated her feedback and honesty. She said she loved it, but not enough, and I get that because I have editors on my other books who really love my writing. I don't want someone who feels so-so about a book being on my team. It's all or nothing. That being said, some of the editorial advice she gave was very good and I want my novel to be the best it can be.

And then in the background I have a couple of other projects gaining some traction.

PRIDE OF THE FLEET has a Pride and Prejudice feel in deep space with some Louisiana flavor. It's classic SFR which means the heroine will kick butt, take names, and seduce someone all by the end of chapter one. The hero has hidden depths, a dark sense of humor, and perfect aim. Things will explode.

ALMOST HUMAN is a much overused title and I will find something better but it's about a robotic spy, the spoils of war, and the need for even a sentient set of circuits to feel loved.


And now you know why I'm setting my hair on fire every five minutes.

School starts for the kiddos August 19th, I'll be in the middle of edits so regular blog posts will return after Labor Day weekend (check your calendars because I don't know the exact dates). You know I'm always on Twitter, and I'm over on Tumblr, and you can stalk me on FaceBook if you want because I'm occasionally there too. I haven't abandoned you, I've abandoned my sanity and over-committed to writing projects and I have no sense of proportion.

Email me if you need me. I try to respond within a day or two.

Leave me a comment telling me what book you want to read next, I love enthusiasm for my projects, it makes it easier to get through the rough patches. If you have a science question or a blog post or something you would like to see come September, let me know.

Love you!

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