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Friday, July 26, 2013

Water balloons, deadlines, and other signs of summer.

By ten am I was covered in the grisly remains of a hundred water balloons, their little plastic carcases clinging to ... wait. Sorry. I've been editing crime fiction again and forgot to switch gears.

Just after nine, on the first sunny morning in a week, I went out to play. The kids found a bottle full of water balloons while they were cleaning and begged for a chance to use them. How could I resist? The little baby hadn't seen water balloons before. I filled one up, handed it over, and watched her roll it down to the garden where it popped. The baby waved goodbye to her balloon and came back for another one.

Again and again.

I filled balloons, watched balloons pop all around me, got soaked, and then did it again. I laughed with the kids, and played with them, and for a brief time forgot about deadlines, bills, and Adult Life.

Life is like that. Sometimes you get to steal a few moments of joy from an otherwise humdrum day. Sometimes you get to be five again. Even in the middle of deadlines you can find a moment to breath.

And now... back to the editing!


  1. The best way to keep your joy in life is to spend time like a kid. Especially with kids and animals. :)

  2. I was just thinking of this the other day. LOVE this post. :)