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Friday, April 5, 2013

Running From Zombies Saved My Life

And water is wet...

I know , the title is painfully obvious. Running from zombies is the sort of thing you should always run away from when running is an option.

So maybe it's better to say that running from zombies saved my sanity. The little app with a fake radio broadcast from my good friends at Able Township (plus Runner 8 who wants to kill me) make me get to the gym and run.

Not daily, because I'm not there yet, but the chance to run from zombies has lured me back often enough that I ran my first 5k today. A whole 3.2 miles on the treadmill running from zombies. There may have been a shambling half mile in the middle, but I ran a good portion and walked the rest at a reasonable speed. It wasn't fast, but it's the first time since grade school I've run that far. 

Should you ever see me in the gym, I'll apologize in advance, I've been known to argue with Sam as I run. "I have a baseball bat, can't I just hit them?"

Today I threatened to strangle someone with a pair of trousers which caused the elderly gentleman running next to me considerable alarm. I was apologetic, but I still would have been happier it I could have attacked Runner 8.


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    1. Thanks! I'm all kinds of sore right now but I'm pretty proud of myself for getting it done.