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Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Not Dead!

I'm just insanely busy!

Busy is a good thing, of course, but it does mean less blogging.

Did you know Glasgow has a necropolis? Can you even find Glasgow on a map? I bet you can, you're clever like that. I had to Google it. In the past week I've learned more about Glasgow and the history of Scotland than I picked up in years of public education dedicated to teaching me the history of Western Culture. This seems to be a frequent lament.

If you haven't guessed it yet, my next novel is set in Scotland. Modern day Scotland. The Men In Kilts quotient is low. Sorry, I don't write those novels. Although there may be kilts, and there will definitely be swords, and there might be magic.

After six science heavy books (Jane Doe, Even Villains Fall In Love, Tabitha's Story, Fey Lights, Sensations, and Even Villains Go To The Movies) I felt a need to step back, shake off the logic, and try some urban fantasy again. I do this every few years or so. My last experiment resulted in the rather wonderful (but never finished) Dungeon Crawl: The Fall. It was a fun NaNo novel with some great world building and characters... And you'll probably never see it.

I don't know that you'll ever see the book I'm working on now, but I've set aside the month of March to write it while I wait to hear back from agents and betas and editors on the various projects. All of that is going super well. I'll give you more details when I have cover art and release dates, until then my lips are zipped (see the Secrets post from earlier this week).

How's your Friday? Who are you reading?

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