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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't tell anyone!

After eleven years together I know the nuances of my husband's conversation very well. The phrase, "Don't tell anyone!" has a variety of meanings.

Meaning 1: Don't tweet about this. I mean it.

Meaning 2: Don't tell the family, I want this to be a surprise.

Meaning 3: Don't tell anyone besides your twin who practically shares a brain with you and I know you'll tell her anyway.

Meaning 4: Don't tell anyone because you aren't supposed to know, I'm not supposed to know, and if anyone knows we know we will not live long to tell anyone about it.

Meaning #4 doesn't get used very often.

Tuesday morning I received a phone call from hubby, who is still across the pond, and he told me not to tell anyone. So I'm not. I'm just letting you know that there's news I can't tell you.

By the way, have I mentioned I'm horrible at keeping secrets?


  1. Wow. Nice, Liana. Real nice.

    (Hope you feel better now that you "didn't" tell anyone!) :D


    1. I didn't say what the secret was! I just said I had one! That's completely different!

  2. But...but...but you didn't say which meaning applies this time.

  3. I hate secrets too because I am not good at keeping them. I have a twin sister too and she is about the only one, other than my husband I tell stuff too. But I smile real big when I have a secret. It gives things away. But now you have really intrigued me!!!!

    1. I tweeted the secret later in the week... DH got the promotion he was up for! Yay! The ability to pay bills is always a good thing. :)