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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wimp Weight

Boom! I did it!

After three months of inconsistent workouts, strep throat, holidays, and other insanity I'm graduating out of my wimp weights at the gym!!!

*Snoopy Dance*

When I went back to the gym after a rough pregnancy, rough labor, and nine months of recuperation I was more than a little out of shape. The first day I had trouble lifting the five pound bar for weighted yoga/pilates. I was sweating. I couldn't keep up with jumping jacks. I gave up half way through the warm-up and considered running for the hills at a slow, jiggling wobble.

Last week I made it all the way through class without cutting out. Sure, I still have to pause and stretch during some of the leg workouts, and I'm not doing a full situp yet, but I was keeping up. No one looked like they were going to call an ambulance after jumping jacks were over.

Today, part way through our bicep curls, I realized I wasn't breaking a sweat yet. I was on my "heavy" weight and cruising along without even struggling.

Welcome to the gun show. *flexes arms*

Oh, yeah....

Okay, maybe they aren't that impressive yet. But this means that at my weight class on Thursday I'll move up to the next level. No more wimp weights, and no easy cruising.

That's the thing about weight lifting, or hitting the gym, or really life in general... cruisin' means you're missing an opportunity for growth. Sure, you can stay on your wimp weight for life, taking the easy road and never breaking a sweat. But that will never make you stronger. If you never fight for something, you'll never gain anything.

So, whether it's doing just five more situps, or waking up fifteen minutes earlier to write, or stepping out of your comfort zone to ask about that raise the company forgot about... do it! Ditch the Wimp Weight and move on to a stronger you.