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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Celebrating With Friends

Five years ago a couple of friends started blogging about emotions. They were both active critters and editors of other people's first attempts at writing and these two friends noticed a trend. Characters did a lot of looking, and frowning, and smiling, and a short list of other repetitive actions that showed the authors weren't quite sure what an angry person looks like.

So these two friends set out on a mission to analyze human behavior and figure out exactly what Anger, Shame, Shock, and Disgust looked like. They watched people at restaurants. They critiqued movies. Once they even chased me down in a hearse while wearing Grim Reaper robes* so they could accurately describe what "Scared To Death" looked like.

And now they are celebrating their five year anniversary and their chart topping book THE EMOTION THESAURUS. Head on over to the festivities and you could win a copy of EVEN VILLAINS FALL IN LOVE along with some other fabulous titles.

To Angela and Becca whose book sits proudly by my computer, much-used and well-loved, thank you! You two are an inspiration (and resource) for us all.


  1. Heh, I just got a copy of that for Christmas. =)

    1. I bought the hard copy because my internet access is less than perfect and I couldn't always load the page I need. I keep hoping they'll do a few companion pieces so I can have the whole collection on my shelf.

  2. Hey you promised not to tell people about the hearse chase! *cough* Okay, so...maybe...got a little crazy in our hunt for authentic emotional reactions. Water under the bridge. Besides, now you'll know what to do if Death does come knocking!

    LOL, thanks for the shout out!