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Friday, November 9, 2012

This Little Runner Goes To Boot Camp

... but not really.

I'm a people person, an extrovert, one of those people who will wheedle your life story out of you if you make eye contact. It's true. For all my hardcore author looks I've developed from the years if my book is like HARRY POTTER or TWILIGHT (wrong genre!) I'm still interested in social interaction. People have stories, and I like stories.

Which is why I love the Zombie Run App (Talk to me, Sam!) and why I hate working out alone.

Also, there was frost on the ground this morning. I'm not sure how often you read my blog or my tweets, but if my choice was be torn limb from limb by zombies for walk outside in a t-shirt and jeans in anything below 60 Fahrenheit, I'd choose the zombies. I have nothing kind to say about the cold. Ever.

So I asked around (which is what you do when nothing in your town has a website) and found out that the Y now offers childcare. Woot! I rushed over Wednesday, signed the kiddos up, and I've hit the gym three days in a row!


Do you know how out of shape you can get when you've had a pregnancy, a c-section, and nine months of being lazy? Very, very out of shape. I couldn't make it through the yogalates class. Fifty-five minutes of stretching and basic body movement and my hamstrings wanted to quit after three. Hopefully I'll be able to make it through the full class in a few months and then start adding more weight in the weight lifting class.

So what about zombie runs? I'm still doing those on the weekends and probably on the treadmill on Monday's (but not this Monday because it's a school holiday). I might even get up to a good speed if I don't freeze to death this weekend. I mean, seriously? Who needs winter? Send it to the people who like this mess! I don't. There are not enough sweaters in the world to handle FROST.

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  1. *laughs* Then I guess you'll never be in my neck of the woods during the winter months.

    We used to have snowbanks higher than we are, although in the last few years we haven't been getting that much snow. Nowadays, if the snow is up to our knees it's a heavy winter. The temperature does go above 0 Celsius during the winter months, we've made it as high as 10 C last year. That's 50 F. Usually we're in the minus category.

    I find winter can be brisk and invigorating. Of course, I also have a fake fur coat to wear so that helps. My coat is reversible so I have the fur on the inside and the leather on the outside, making it warm and cuddly. It's the days when the air is so dry that exposed flesh sticks together that are harder to handle.

    Having been raised in a colder climate I find it harder to handle hot weather. My preferred temperature is 27 C or 80 F. Anything hotter than 30 C or 86 F simply means excessive sweating and extreme lethargy.