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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Writing Snippet

Why? Do I need a reason? You haven't had a snippet in awhile, but that changes today! For no other reason than it's Wednesday and we all need something to give us strength so we can crawl to the finish line of Friday...

From the first raw draft of the untitled Heroes and Villains Book 3: Meet and Greet

A motorcycle pulled up beside her, fire engine red and ridden by a tuxedoed man. Jet black eyes matched jet black hair, he had a strong jaw and dark skin, but not the right bone structure for a Latino. He looked disconcertingly familiar.
She tipped her head to the side trying to decide where she’d seem him before. At the store maybe? Or on TV?

“Tyler!” Swendon huffed. “We aren’t ready for you.”

“I’m done with makeup, there aren’t any lines, and all you need is a shot of me rolling down the alley with a blonde hanging on. Why don’t we shoot this and call the scene done?”

Angela tried to think if she’d ever heard of an actor named Tyler. It didn’t ring any bells. She shrugged it off. The big, muscled type were all the same, lots of muscle and no brains. He’d probably played football in high school, and she knew enough football players to gag at the thought of ever spending another night watching men round around in tights.

“Fine,” Swendon said. “We’ll get the lights in place. Roll down the main drag with the body double. Somebody go find Glee! Tell her she has five minutes!”

Tyler scowled down at her. “Well? Are you going to ask for an autograph?”

Several snippy rejoinders came to mind, but instead she smiled. “Naturally, as soon as I see an actor I like.”

He blinked.

“Where am I supposed to be?”

He got on his bike and looked over his shoulder. “Hop on.”

Angela settled in, flipped her hair, and held the bike seat on either side of her thighs. It was that, or wrap her arms around tall, dark, and stupid.

“You’re supposed to hold on,” Tyler said.

“It’s a test shot.” She didn’t move to grab him.

He revved the motorcycle and drove faster than they needed to, weaving between barley visible marks on the floor that Luiz assured her would vanish in post production. On his mark, Tyler pivoted the bike with precision control and she had to grab his waist to keep from falling off.

“Told you so.”

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