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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fan Mail

Can I tell you how much I loved waking up to this in my in-box? It made my gray and rainy Thursday fabulous.

Hi Liana!!

I absolutely loved your book!! Loved the characters, the plot, the science!! You did an excellent job not making the guilty party look obvious. There was a point in the book where everyone looked guilty, even Sam. I'm impressed. Usually it's SO obvious and it's not here.

I think my favorite character is [redacted]. He starts as such an unlikely hero/love interest. I didn't see that change, he was so revolting...and yet it did. LOVE IT!!

I left thoughts and notes throughout my reading. I started by double spacing, but was running out of time so I just stopped and moved forward.

I love the science!! It's like Dr. Who science, yet still very premature. Love how you reveal it through the coins!! Excellent. [Spoiler Redacted]. You left it wide open for a sequel!! YEAH!!

If you have any further questions for me, fire away! I adore this book! It's everything I love. Please let me know what I can do to help you get it perfect! This just has to get published, it's TOO GOOD!!

There is only one thing I am super bummed about, I can't rave about it on Goodreads...yet! :(

Have a wonderful day!

Now all I need is for an agent and editor to give me the same response, and then I can have a few dozen emails like this every day!!! That's how fan mail works, right? Of course it is. What would be the point of fan mail if it weren't all like this?


  1. That is nice. Good for you, Liana!


  2. I think every author needs a beta reader like that, who just are there to help you make the book better but also to tell you what's absolutely a bijillion percent working.

  3. Don't exactly know what a Beta reader is, but if one stroked my ego like that I would make has beens out of War and Peace and Gone With The Wind. Would be in this chair 16 hours a day, well I do have to get my rest...I am nearing the 1000 mark on my blog, but I get no comments. I know I have around twenty to thirty regular readers, but they do not comment. I can tell they read it cause old posts on the same topics they hit come up fairly often. Anyhow Congrats, it would make me feel good for a long time also.

  4. Ric - A beta-reader is an early reader who gives you feedback and editing advice. I use them before I hand my work off to my critique group for a final polish.

    There's a glossary of publishing terms here if you want it: http://lianabrooks.blogspot.com/2011/08/publishing-industry-glossary-of-terms.html

  5. Congrats! That's always exciting! This must be beta feedback week, because 2 of mine finished this week too and so far so good :)

  6. Angela - Isn't it nice when they don't hate your book? I still need to polish, but I think I'm done moving scenes around and doing massive rewrites. *so excited*