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Monday, November 7, 2011

Before You Are Allowed To Publish You Must Pass This Test

Dante has a fabulous little piece of the net marked out as Surviving The World, and I spend way to much time over there flipping through the archives. I *love* this challenge. And I completely agree. If you can't see a box as more than a box you need to spend more time getting in touch with your creative side before hitting the PUBLISH button on Smashwords.

20 things a box could be....
1. time machine
2. transmorgifier (go read Calvin and Hobbes)
3. soap box
4. storage
5. rocket ship to fly to the moon
6. clubhouse
7. boat (actually cardboard canoe races aren't uncommon)
8. airplane (doesn't work as well as the boat unless you have a really big umbrella)
9. Christmas present (coal was expensive)
10. house
11. part 1 of a transformers costume
12. improv TV
13. old school computer
14. giant lizard trap (see old Taco Bell commercial)
15. nest for a bird
16. ineffective fish tank
17. fire starter (does not burn like you'd think)
18. sled
19. shoes (just add laces and glue!)
20. book cover

What's your 20?


  1. You listed a few of my 20 (transmorgifier) so here are another 20 ideas.

    1. dimensional portal
    2. wind machine
    3. car/train/bus
    4. cave
    5. cliff
    6. bed
    7. magic cabinet
    8. drum
    9. swimming pool
    10. TARDIS
    11. building block
    12. elevator
    13. crystal ball
    14. wardrobe
    15. cupboard
    16. bridge
    17. surround sound system
    18. bookcase
    19. display box, like a shadow box
    20. window

  2. OMG I am a borderline plagirist...It is so much easier...

  3. Ilnara - Love it!

    Ric - There's a song for you. Now I need to go find it. :o)