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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Good Question Deserves An Answer

This is for Rictheturtleryan who posted this on my newsletter post:

...I do have a question how long has it taken you to get your blog page and all the stuff on it done? How many years you been writing? I do not think that is like asking your age...

There are some very good questions there and they deserve more than a quick comment-box response.

1. How long did it take to get the blog page done?
- I started blogging in January of 2008. I joined a critique group in July of 2007 and heard about blogging and platforms. There were several false starts. Over the years the look and tone of the blog has changed several times.
-- If you're asking how long it took to set up the look of the blog... I'm not entirely sure. It takes about an hour to do a redesign of the basic blog when I change the background. The header took about four hours, but I'm using new software. There's a very basic tutorial on how to change the background of a blog HERE. You'll find more helpful hints under the label BLOG on the side bar.

2. How many years have you been writing?
- Eh... it depends on how you count it. I wrote my first book for competition in Kindergarten. The school district had a Young Authors competition and I wrote for it every year between kindergarten and fifth grade. It wasn't serious novel writing, but it kept me doodling stories through high school. I quit during college; science writing left no time for fiction. And I came back to writing seriously in 2007.
-- My count is two years of writing on a daily basis. Even in 2007 I was a hit-or-miss hobby writer. I had no plans to publish. I started writing regularly in 2009. Now it's a daily habit and I'm actively trying to build a career.

3. How old are you again?
It's no great secret, since I'm still young enough to enjoy my age. I'm 29. And yes that's 29 for the first time. Thirty doesn't scare me. Sixty scares me, but I imagine I'll outgrow that before I reach sixty. :o)


  1. Thanks for the personalized reply. I started writing in the military in 77 as a duty assignment to the Public Information Office I had to write articles weekly for command newspaper in Panama. My first writing I know of is a copy of a biography my seventh grade teacher required us to write. I pretty much followed my dreams. As for sixty do not sweat it. I am 65 and never thought I would see thirty. Died twice at 57 and they got me back. My family tree says I am good till my 80's or 90's but I did a lot of stupid things when I was younger than might bite into that. To me the secret is enjoy every day like it is your last. My youngest daughter past away last August at 33 and left 3 children. We knew it was coming for seven years. I miss her terribly but she lived a full life and was ready to go when the time came. She finished high scnool with two in diapers. Then she went to nursing school with three under five and built a home. She lived her life early but now we know why. Anyhow thanks for the reply. P.S. Oh yeah,,I have four daughters, six grandsons, one grand daughter and twin great grandchildren in the oven...

  2. P.S. Post...Just returned from town and thought I would share one of my money savers with you...Military pay sometimes runs short or at least it did when I was in. Anyhow Taco Bell has a $2.00 Meal Deal menu. They have four different choices. I am partial to the five layer burrito. Anyhow you get the Burrito, a bag of chips and a drink for the $2.00 which means you can feed a family of four for less than $10 and that is a bargain. Well I will crawl back in my shell and take siesta before I go to the auction at 6PM...Later...

  3. Ric - My uncle had the same job for awhile in the Air Force. He turned it into a newspaper career when he retired. He's my nosiest relative and I love him for it!

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