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Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Projects... Painting, Tables, and Books

Last weekend I picked up some new-to-me furniture. A friend wanted to ditch her old, worn table and didn't have room for it. She was looking for someone to haul it to the dump, but after a quick inspection I decided I could make it work for us. It's a little on the small side, but perfect as a Holiday Table (IE the thing we drag out when forty people come over for dinner).

It is ugly though, dark teal legs, chipped top with flecks of purple and gold paint. I'll take pictures at some point but trust me, this is not a pretty piece of furniture. We have it in the dining area while we work on our big Fountain of Youth table and for the past week we've been debating over what to do with this thing. Sand it, obviously. Stain it. Maybe paint it. Anything to make it pretty again!

And then I stumbled over this tutorial... The 36th Ave. New Old Table ... (image courtesy of and copyright to Redoux)

I love what 36th Ave has done with the stenciling. The rustic look fits perfectly with out mismatched lives, and I love the touch of personalization. My only problem is that I have a leaf that runs down the center of the table and I want the table to look good with or without the leaf.

But that's a project for another day.

Today I'm off to paint the frame for our Chicken Wire Frame. I might paint a few other shelves while I'm at it. If I have time I'll even get the chicken wire on! But let's not go crazy...

Also in the works is something everyone on the newsletter already knows about. It was leaked on Twitter last night too, but the official announcement will have to wait for a few more days. If you click around the blog though, you might see a hint.

Enjoy your weekend!
- Liana


  1. You should not be painting in your condition. I guess if it is latex it is okay though. Anyhow I have a trivia question for you. Can you tell where the turtle in my blog picture is at on my property. When we bought the acreage we live on he was one of the first critters I saw. As I have been a turtle for almost 45 years I consider them good omens. We usually cross paths a couple times a year. Have a nice day, I did...Spent the day repotting plants to come indoors and putting in electrical boxes for a friend..Feel like I accomplished something.

  2. Latex paint and masks keep me safe. I'm working out in the workshop with doctor's permission and in a very well ventilated area (the open barn).