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Friday, May 1, 2009

HTML Class 101- Finding The Image

I've had a couple people ask how they can get the JPG address for either setting up a blog background or for making a button. This one took me a bit to figure out so here we go....

Finding an image online:
This is sometimes the hardest because you don't want to steal anyone's work or use copyrighted material. If you don't know any artists and don't have the patience to wait for replies on requests for permission your best bet is to upload the picture yourself.

The absolute easiest way is to load a picture onto your blog.

If you have blogger you look up and under the Compose mode of New Post you click the third button from the right (looks like mountains and sky). A new window will pop up and you can browse your computer for an image.

Upload the image. Post. And then click on the picture in the post.

The picture should open into a new window with it's own web address.

It should look something like this:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NJNSKZOFWvo/SftKRABU4hI /AAAAAAAAAgY/IQDqJ5Vm4XU/s1600-h/DSC03905.JPG

If You Want To Use a Picture From a Website:
Okay, maybe you're sharing a blog with friends or a friend has given you permission to use a picture and you don't have it saved on your computer.

Open the page where the image is saved, maybe on a Flicker account or Deviant Art account.

Click on the picture you want.... it won't open into it's own page the way the blog image did.

This is where I got caught up the first time. You want the picture, but if you copy and paste the address you'll get the whole page as a background or button image. Not what you want!

Instead, Right Click on the picture so you get a drop down menu of options.


Now you'll get the picture to appear in it's own page as a JPG address. Copy and paste that into the HTML format.

If the picture won't appear it's probably locked in some form and copyrighted to someone who doesn't want to share. If you're using the image with permission, ask the person to e-mail you the file instead.

I hope that helps!


  1. Just a few good resources for royalty free images:

    MorguefileStock.xchng (My personal fav)

    every stock photoI think Stock.xchng has the best overall quality of images, but if you can't find just what you're looking for it doesn't hurt to check the others. Wikipedia also has a good list here.

    Hope you find those useful.


  2. For some reason the first 2 links ran together. Sorry about that. I would fix it but blogger won't let me.

  3. L, can I link to this post in a post of mine next week? This will save me much time and explanation. :)

  4. Same here Liana. This is fabulous. Ed thanks for the links.