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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Emotional Eighteen Wheeler

There are days where you wake up wondering how you'll find the strength to get out of bed. Every muscle in your body aches, the room is swirling, and you suspect that bad news is lurking in your closet just waiting for a chance to slam you into a wall again. Don't lie, we've all felt like that at least once. That day where you're standing on the edge of sanity and one more push will send you hurtling down.

That's been my week. A long line up of bad news, the threatening gloom of funerals, rejection letters in the in box, and jealousy. On the bad days even good news can get twisted.

I'm a fast writer, but a slow editor. Some people can edit in their sleep (I've seen newspaper editors do this), but I need a steady diet of sour skittles, icy water, and humorous photographers poking me awake to make it through editing (miss you, boys!). While I've been struggling over draft nine for JANE DOE, and watching EVFiL get bounced around I've watched friends publish novels, novellas, and short stories. They've started and finished projects in the same time it's taken me to fix part of a draft.

Green with envy? Oh, yes. It's hard not to be when they're so many bright stars in the sky. There are some amazing writers, and I'm proud to be their friend, beta-reader, confidant, and fan. So rather than moan and whine about my sucky week, I'm listing some great books for you to read. Mine isn't out yet (be patient with me please) but theirs are. You should go read and tell them how awesome they are.


PAST JUMPER by Jamie Heppner (the second book PRESENT JUMPER is also out)

KNIGHT ERRANT by KD Sarge (she's super sweet and has several books out)

by Amy Laurens (she's my twin - buy all her books so I get a good Christmas present)

by Shannon Mayer (Zombie apocalypse romance - how could you say no?)

THE COOKIE DUMPSTER by Shana Hammaker (she gives you sparkly balloons if you follow her on Twitter)

ENCRYPTED by Lindsay Buroker (fabulous steampunk with a twist)

by Michelle Davidson Argyle (or you could pick up any of her other books)

by Sharla Lovelace (preorder now - you know you want to)

by Rob Thurman (it's not a title, it's what you need to go buy)

COLLISION COURSE by Zoe Archer (and then tell her to write more SFR because she rocks!)

OF POSEIDON by Anna Banks (she's a home town writer and I'm going to her book signing!)

by Jodi Meadows (the butterfly mask book - you've seen it on Twitter)

TEMPEST by Jamie DeBree (ultra-hot!)

MIDNIGHT'S GHOST by Sara Brookes (SFR and a cover with guns - you can't say no to that)

JAQ'S HARP by Ella Drake (up for awards!)

PHOENIX RISING by Corrina Lawson (trust me - go read the book - okay it's pre-order - order the book and thank me later)

THE CLEARING by Anne Riley (she used to be a hometown writer, and then I moved)

by Jodi Redford (SFR - this is not optional reading I LOVE THIS BOOK!)

REX RISING by Chrystalla Thoma (YA fun)

Well, that's certainly not everyone I know, but that should be enough of a list to keep you busy while I finished editing. If you've already read all these books go check out the SFR Brigade Library and find some new books to love there.


  1. Hey thanks for listing mine...and for the list of others to check out. I know I haven't read quite a few of those - better get busy! :-)

  2. Hey Liana

    Hang in there. I understand how you feel about peers pulling way ahead. Nine drafts is a heck of a lot of work--don't discount all that hard work. Keep plugging away and you'll get where you want to be.

    As for books:

    Sarah Gilman Out in Blue (Return to Sanctuary #1) Paranormal Romance

    Claire Legrand The Cavendish Home For Boys and Girls (Fall 2012)

  3. Cool list of books. I will have to check them out!

    I understand the frustration you're going through. I have the opposite problem. I edit quickly but write new copy very slowly.

    Hang in there.

  4. Thanks for the shout out!

    I'm a very slow writer, for the most part. I think it's mostly to do with something called procrastination ... but that's a whole new kettle of fish. :)