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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why 200 Followers Means So Much

About now you're asking: Why are followers so important?

There are two theories. One says that for authors the money you earn from followers (once published) equates to about a dime per followers - hence the $20 for 200 followers.

The second theory is the 1000 True Fans theory of art production. The idea here is that you don't need a million people to love your work, you just need 1000 people who will buy everything you produce.

Like me... I'm a true fan of Terry Pratchett. I own almost all his books. In most cases I own a paperback and a hardcover version of the book. In one case I have two hardcovers (one the US cover and one UK cover) and a paperback of the book, plus the illustrated edition. I read his books constantly. I buy copies for friends and family. I even own WHERE'S MY COW and the NANNY OGG COOKBOOK. Feeding your family a recipe written by an imaginary character? That's true fandom (and yes, we like the Wow-Wow Sauce).

In contrast, I'm only a casual Neil Gaiman fan. I have some of his books. I recommend them to some people. I think he's a great guy and I follow him on Twitter, but I am not the person funding his early retirement.

I know not all of the 200 followers on this blog will buy everything I publish. I'm sure some of my original followers no longer read the blog at all. That doesn't matter. What matters for anyone who is building a social media platform to sell their work is that some of the people might become true fans.

Even if you never buy my books. Even if I never get published, I love having you as followers. Your comments, feedback, and suggestions are invaluable. Knowing that someone will probably read what I write on the blog makes it worthwhile.

So for to all of you who regularly visit this little pocket of the universe, thank you.

Twoflower and his iconograph from the live-action Discworld movie (yes - I own that)


  1. Learn something new every day, didn't realise Terry P was on here (think my dh has every book too). But I like following you so that when you are walking on the red carpet I can say - she tweeted me ;)
    Best of luck

  2. Ha! Sadly, I do not write YA and the chances of a science-fiction novel being adapted to a film are always so slim. I think you have to die before they'll even consider buying the movie rights. But if it happens, I'll give you a shout out!

  3. Liana - Yes, but if they DO buy your book or books they will remake it every 10 years or so, because that's what Hollywood does with sci-fi. So one sale could really equal a lifetime of money. :D

  4. Congrats on reaching the big 200! I feel the same about my followers, so happy they think enough of me to read what I write and hope that a few of them will buy what I produce.