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Thursday, August 25, 2011

200 Followers Giveaway!!! (the unofficial page)

We've reached 200 followers on the blog! That's great! Do you know what this means? It means we get to have a giveaway!!!

For every 100 followers I give away $10 worth of books. There's a reason for that number (a dime per follower) and I explained why in the post below. Last time I did an Amazon gift card, which was nice, but those are difficult for people in certain countries to spend, and you still have to pay shipping.

So this time we're doing a shopping spree at the Book Depository. Free shipping means all the money gets spent on books (squeee! I love books!), and the contest is open internationally. The winner will get to go to the Book Depository website (US please since I'm paying in dollars) and make a shopping list. They will send the list to me, and I will send the books to them.

Since we just did a contest where all you had to do was leave a message we're going to make things a little harder this time.

1. You must be a follower of this blog. This is a contest to reward blog followers after all. It doesn't hurt, just click on the widget and sign up!

2. In the comments box for the official contest page that will go up Friday morning you must leave a tag line or elevator pitch for a novel. The novel does not need to be an actual physical novel. Feel free to tag and pitch novels by other people, tag lines that sound cool but have no written story, or pitch your own novel.

3. The contest closes Monday night. Tuesday, I will pick my top five favorite tag lines or pitches, and on Wednesday August 31st I will post them on the blog.

4. Once posted, everyone will get a chance to vote for their favorite tag line or pitch. This would be a good time to get all your Twitter friends involved so you can rack up the votes.

5. The winner will be the person whose tag line or pitch has the most votes. I will announce the winner Thursday morning (September 1st), and they will get to go book shopping!

BONUS: If you win by with the tag line or pitch for your published novel I will host a review, giveaway, or guest post to promote the novel.

If you are an unpublished author who wins with the tag line or pitch for your unpublished work I will give you a three chapter critique.

I can't wait to see what you write!