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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bombs Away!

For better or worse Evan and Tabitha are off to see the editor.

Even Villains Fall in Love has been submitted...

My eye is twitching. I may have a panic attack. My fall back plan for a rejection is weak at best. I suppose I'll shop the story around, although I don't know who I would target yet.

With a little bit of luck, I won't get a rejection letter and we can throw a party for our favorite dueling superheroes.

Image courtesy of and copyright to Zoemon on Deviant Art. Used under Fair Use laws. If I had my way, I'd get the same artist and models for the cover art. :o)


  1. Wait, so you submitted your book for publication?

  2. Well, it definitely sounds juicy. If you don't find a home for it, publish it on the kindle and sell it yourself so I can read it.

  3. Now is that how Dr. Charm would handle waiting? Seriously good luck with the submission.

  4. Amber - EVFiL is a novella, only 27,000 words, but yes I just sent it off to an anthology call with Samhain publishing. If they accept it, EVFiL will be published in the spring anthology (as an ebook first I think) and then later as a stand-alone ebook for a smaller price. The anthology will probably have a print format at some point as well.

    Tara- I'm going to shop it around the e-presses before I go that route, but I have a friend who offered me a cover design as a bribe so I'd let her read it early. What can I say... :o)

    Iasa - Doctor Charm could turn on his machine, dial the agent up, and get a 6-figure deal. And if that didn't work he has the minions.

  5. *Luck*! :-)

    If you do decide to put it out yourself, and want some help, let me know.