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Friday, June 17, 2011

It's a dangerous business, going out your door...

As you read this my computer is going into a box. All my spices and cooking equipment are buried under layers of cardboard and packing tape. My clothes are probably in the same box as my shoes, and a fish tank, and a curtain rod.

To say the least, this weekend is going to be a little crazy.

I am saving the laptop. Let me rephrase that... I mean to save the laptop. I am hiding it from the movers. In the past this has meant nothing. Labeling things, hiding things, threatening the movers with lack of pizza, nothing upsets their groove. Once they start stuffing things into boxes you are doomed. DOOMED!

So, let's say I hope the laptop comes with me in the car.

This gives me two weeks of *maybe* internet. You know, the Let's-See-If-Someone-Has-Unlocked-Wi-Fi internet, or endless trips to McDonalds to contact civilization. I'll be able to Tweet from my phone (and you can follow me on Twitter @LianaBrooks), and I'll have internet at the hotels.

In between, I will have a great deal of radio silence.

There will of course be screaming children to entertain, driving to do, things for the new house to acquire, and unpacking. I hope that in between all the chaos I'll find some downtime to write.

- Jane Doe is with the beta-readers. I'm expecting notes back by July 7th. Nothing happens until I get those notes.

- EVFiL is 4000 words away from being complete. I think there are four scenes left, and I intend to have it finished by July 1st so I can send to the beta-readers.

- Maiden of Fire and Ice is a new novella that I'm working on, I'd like to at least figure out the main plot line.

- Young Ice is a foray into the background of one of my favorite characters. The MC is sixteen in the new writing, but I haven't decided if this is a novella or a novel, YA or adult fiction with a young protagonist. Once EVFiL this is my primary project until Jane returns.

- Random Flash Fiction... I always pick up ideas while traveling and I will undoubtedly write them down. There may be #WIPfire strangeness on Twitter.


  1. i'll be in your shoes in a couple of months. moving can be a huge hindrance to writing. i hope you get some done. best of luck and blessings on your move.

  2. Hope the move goes far smoother than you anticipate.