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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Expanding My Skill Set: Novellas and Drawing

I learned this week that a novella is nothing like a novel.

In 10k I've packed in more in Even Villains Fall in Love than I have in most my early novels. Multiple fights, love, heart-break, revenge... all in under 10k. I feel like I should be breaking a sweat!

To catch my breath today I took some time off of writing to stretch some other creative muscles and started drawing the costumes for my character's kids. The four girls all have super powers, and they get a costume to go with everything.

These are my first pictures that actually sort of resemble people. Enjoy!






  1. You know, lately I've been considering writing some sort of novella with which I could test the waters of the Kindle a bit more and maybe even make a few sales, for both the novella and Aundes Aura whenever it's ready to be released.

  2. I've stopped planning WIPs as "novels" or "novellas", at least those I'm not writing to specification anyway.

    My estimation for Archangel is actually the minimum word total I'm aiming for - it'll be done when it's done, and the number of words doesn't matter to me at this point.

  3. Ryan - This is my second attempt, the first turned into a novel. This one is going better.

    Misa- I'm writing this to target an anthology, and I don't think there was enough plot to stretch it to a full novel anyways. It's a flimsy idea, but it works at 20k. :o)

  4. Drawing Note: I can't do bodies, just costumes. And those only very poorly. Obviously I spent to much time in school taking notes and not enough time drawing!

  5. I had the feeling that with my brevity and degree of application, a novella could work well for me as a starting point. ;)

    P.S. You're drawings are cute. :)

  6. Ryan - I think having the right story might matter the most with a novella. Some plots are just too complex for that short a piece. Some ideas lend themselves to the sharp simplicity of a novella. Not that they can't be complex, but they are distilled.

    --> I didn't get the trench coat/duster right. I want her to look like a little Harry Dresden. And the proportions on Curse's dress are off. But you only get better with trying. :o)

    FYI: I updated the bio page for EVFiL if you want to peek http://tinyurl.com/3pg8yy6

  7. Nice work, Li. I loves :o) :D Also, if you don't have more EVFIL for me to read SOON I may just have to hunt you down with a pitchfork... >:)