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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love the sound deadlines make...

Deadlines. I have them.

At this point 99.9% of my deadlines are self-imposed. The other 0.1% come from angry beta readers who attacking with vampire carrier bats, flaming wooden spoons, and wiggly puppies of cuteness if I don't deliver the chapters on time.

I just finished a major edit. Six chapters, and over 10,000 words were lost in the carnage. Some of the scenes were saved, but I can't graft them in As Is.

I'm rewriting a major subplot, and I have 21 scenes left to write, rewrite, and edit before I have a clean manuscript for beta readers.

And the deadline is April 1st...

This is not a joke.

I have 15 days to write 60,000 words. Edit and polish be hanged, I intend to knock out those words or die trying.

This means major blog posts like the Science of Love series are on hold until April. I don't have time to research chemistry AND major battles of the Middle East circa 1800.

What will be on the blog are Six Sentence Sunday posts (since I can set them up in advance), links to major discoveries or discussions that I think we can all profit from reading (if aliens invade I'll let you know!), and very random and ramble-y posts where I'm thinking out loud and trying to get myself through a bad scene.

If you are in dire need of help (or want to give me a reason to procrastinate) you can always send me an e-mail, or find me on Twitter. If you want to guest post and pimp your work a little this month, I'm all in favor of that too. Just let me know. :o)

Gone Writing!
- Liana


  1. Good luck on the April deadline! I like the Six Sentence Sunday idea. Going to check on out now!

  2. Best of luck! I know that i make those self imposed deadlines too and afterwards I always shake my head and say never again . . . until the next time ;p

  3. Good luck!! I shall smile and nod and keep pretending I imposed this deadline on you. I'm sure it's good for your sanity... ;)