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Monday, March 14, 2011

Surprises for You!

What a crazy week! There are some changes to the blog, so welcome to the mini-tour. :o)

Works in Progress has finally been updated! Jane Doe, my current WIP that you see me tweeting about daily, finally has it's own page and blurb. I'd love feedback because that is the raw material I need to build a query letter around by July 1st.

I've joined the Six Sentence Sunday blog tour. My first submission is six sentences with the FMC from Jane Doe, Agent Samantha Rose. If you want to get in on the action the 6 Sentence blog is HERE.

My biography is updated! Still no picture. I am torn on pictures. Part of me wants to stick with my sock pictures, because I love my socks. Another part of me realizes that at some point in my publishing career I will have to let you see my face. For now, the biography has been shortened and now has it's own QR (scan code) for those readers with bar scanners on their phones.

The QR should take you straight to my bio with all the e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook information you could possibly ever want. I will not have an agent say they can't reach me. My information is available. Go ahead and make a full request.

If you want your own QR I recommend the QR-Code Generator Tool from Mobile Barcodes. The others I tried didn't give me what I wanted, but the t-shirt one might become swag when I publish. I'll link that QR to the sales page for my book.

QR Code

Leave a comment! I'd love to hear what you think about all of this.


  1. Nice.
    I think the barcode thing is an awesome idea.

  2. DL- I want to put a picture up, but I hate having pictures taken and don't have a recent one, or one I like. It's a work in progress. Isn't everything though?