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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flog Your Blog

Shannon Mayer started this, and I love the sentiment. Consider this one of those link posts. I'll try to stop by all your blogs when I take a writing break. I have a daily word count goal of 4k. I will need mental breaks.

This is your opportunity to FLOG YOUR BLOG! I thought it would be nice if my followers had a chance to show off what their own blog was about and gain some new followers through my blog here.

When you make a comment, don’t just put in your link, tell us a little bit about your blog. Do you write mostly book reviews? Talk about writing angst? Discuss current events? What’s your own writing genre? Are your published? This will help people decide if they want to follow you.

To be completely clear, this is not a contest, you won’t win anything by making a comment, but I am hoping that you will gain some new followers (me too) by participating in the FLOG YOUR BLOG throw down. The only rules are-

1. You must be following this blog, Wringing out Words to make a comment and . . .
2. You must do this on your blog too in order to give your followers a chance to gain new people.

My hope is that more people will not only get active here by commenting and participating but that my followers will get the same thing on their blogs. I think this sounds like a good idea, let’s see how it works.


  1. What a fun idea. Now I know what I'm going to post tomorrow:)

    Most of the time I float around between book reviews, discussions on writing, and general randomness.


  2. Hi Liana, thanks for keeping the fun going! :)

    My blog is http://shannonmayer.blogspot.com and I write about writing, books, agents, angst and anything else that crosses my mind. I love to do contests and I love to share what I'm learning in my journey so far.

  3. Kate- Welcome aboard!

    Shannon - I've stopped by, and I love your blog!

  4. Squee!

    I blog about writing, usually observations from my own work, but sometimes theoretical stuff I get from teaching writing, and sometimes just general unrelated randomness under the guise of Expanding Our Horizons, bwa ha.

    http://ink-fever.blogspot.com :)

  5. What a great blog! Found you through Critique Circle. I recently started a blog about my journey to finish a novel (among other interesting and random things). I will be sure to follow those who post. Keep up the good work!


    Follow me!