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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Friday Collection of Random Stats

It's been a while since I did anything Random on Friday so I decided to run a quick stat collection since the subject came up on FB this week.

Number of Unread Books in My House: 3 - I tried, they bored me

Number of Started bu Unfinished Novels: I counted at least 40 ideas in my fantasy folder, I have folders for fairytales, sci-fi, and paranormal too. Some of them evolve into something, some turn into short stories, and some just die.
Number of Finished Novels: 7... I think... a few of the early ones are truly awful

Number of Words Cut this Week: Over 20k
Number of Scenes Cut this Week: 4 and counting
Number of Words Written this Week: Around 6k

Number of New Scenes Added to WIP this Week: I have 6 new ones planned, but only one written

This Weeks Favorite Discussion on FB or Twitter: #WIPfire for an untitled piece about the Queen of All Evil (and SAHM) :o) Lots of fun feedback. The story is now slotted for work in the fall.

Favorite Character of the Week: Still Mac. L.E. MacKenzie is a character with a bottomless wealth of problems. He has addictions, he has weaknesses, he has failings, he has desires. He is a ton of fun to write. It's Mad Character Love all over the place.

So.... What's your random?


  1. Great stats. This encourages me to get busy writing.

  2. I've finished almost all of my Godiva chocolate my husband got me for Valentine's day. 3 boxes worth. :)

  3. Lotusgirl - With words it doesn't matter if you cut or add as long as the novel improves. :o)

    Mysti - 3 boxes and you didn't share??? Oh noes! I'll come over and help with the last box.

  4. Like I told my husband and kids, "Get near my chocolate, and you'll lose a hand." :)

  5. Mysti - Fine. I'll just eat my own chocolate. As soon as I find that safe place I hid it in...