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Friday, January 28, 2011

Scared of Change?

Are you ever terrified of stepping out of your comfort zone?

What about changing something, just because?

I've been debating cutting my hair for... lemme think... four years now? But I won't because I might hate it. Might. Maybe. Who knows? I'm not in love with it now, but what if it's worse?

With another chance for a master's program looming on the horizon (yes, I said the same thing last spring, I am eternally hopeful that I will get back to school) I'm gnawing my nails and worrying about change. Can I go back to being a full-time adult?

Er... I meant student. Definitely student. I'm an adult now. Ignore the fact that I work from home and make my own hours and my own rules. I answer to no one! It's like being a three-year old with a credit card and car keys! Wheeeee!

Change scares me.

Sometimes I'm so frozen with What If... that I let every opportunity pass me by.

What if...? should be a writer's tool, not a stumbling block.

What if aliens landed during your wedding and stole your groom?

What if nuclear winter sent the human race into a tunnel-swelling species?

What if there really was a corpse in my FMC's freezer instead of the dead pig?

Last night a conversation with Amy Laurens (and several fabulous people from Twitter! Luv ya!) turned into the conviction that a dead pig was not enough. My FMc just found out she might be a clone, her fiancee is cheating on her, and her promotion has been denied.

To easy.

Now I'm making her a murder suspect.

Because change is a good thing.


  1. I can change my hair on a whim, but changing up a story is even harder :) You're a brave woman!

  2. I'm the same way about my hair. My mom and sister constantly nag me about getting it cut short, but I don't like my hair short.

  3. I definitely have a comfort zone and I'm definitely not always a fan of having to step outside that. Good luck with the changes to the book.

  4. Dead pig is #1 when in bacon form, but otherwise, always go with the dead body.


    What if...someone reads my comment and not the post and ends up thinking I'm a psycho?

    Meh. Most people already think that, so I'm good. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  5. Mysti - I only go after my hair when I'm stressed.

    Heather- Me too! I don't like it to short, and I don't like hair in my face.

    Stephanie - The first change was easy, but then it started messing up my timeline. Little changes can mean a big change overall. It can still work, it's just not as easy as I thought it would be.

    Angela- At this point in my google-search career I'm sure Homeland Security probably stops by every now and then. Mystery writers must cause such headaches for Big Brother.

  6. I used to be that way about my hair, then I get bored and do something drastic, like recently dying it blonde. Everyone loves it. I hate it. Can't win every time but you can't lose every time either.

    I love playing the what if game, it's pretty much one of the ways I world build. You'd be surprised what it can bring you to.