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Monday, January 3, 2011

I get a new room today...

If all is going well I am currently exploring my new digs in South Carolina.

You hear the sound of weeping followed by a cry of joy? That's me realizing that I'm an apartment dweller again, with three kids and a HUGE dog. We've traded a four bedroom house on an acre in the country for a three bedroom apartment in the city.

In theory, this little adventure in urban life will only last for six months. In theory.

I hate theories.

Especially theories about moving.

Last time we tried this theory I spent three years in the country! Oh my!

The good news is that I have an awesome new sunroom/study. I just hope it has a good view, and that my desk fits. Check out The Apartment Experiment to learn all the details. Who knows, you might be inspired to doom your MC to life as an apartment dweller.

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