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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Name You Swore You'd Never Use

Character names can get downright weird.

I recall a book where the FMC was named Sorrow. It was a good book. Strange as the name was, it fit the character and the writing. By the end of the book I liked the name.

During my holiday hiatus I was playing with short story ideas and the idea of a character named Midwinter struck me as intriguing. I have a great opening line worked out and everything.

But should I use it? Should I give Midwinter a nickname? Could I write well enough to make it work?

I guess I won't know until the story is done and polished. In the meantime, I'm curious, what names do you use for characters. What names have you sworn never to use ever?

Artwork courtesy of my children, one of whom doodled this little character in her car all over the back of the bunk bed.


  1. I am one of those guilty of naming my characters unpronoucable things with all sorts of weird umlauts and dashs and asterisks and fifteen consonants in a row, so it looks like my characters are cursing every time they call one another by name. I always promise I won't to that, then I do it.

  2. Adorable doodle by the way although... ouchy for the bed!


    Tara Maya

  3. There are 2 names I can never use. Nick and Jon.

    Most of the names I use are very fantastical or out-of-the-ordinary because I write a lot of fantasy. And I like uncommon names for characters.

  4. The only names I won't consider are my children's. Right now I won't use Harry, Bella, or Taylor, but only because those seems to be very popular names at the moment. In 20 years I'll reconsider.