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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 is finished with 2,358 words. I cut several minor scenes, and several round-about conversations with minor characters that were too Wise Old Man.

Since the goal of Chapter 39 was to resolve the on-going identity issues between the FMC and MMC, I let them work it out without interference.

That guy who she saved in the cave-in? Yup, that was him! The guy who she's been working with long-distance on the case (using only formal titles to communicate)? Him again!

The POW she nursed to health and helped escape?

*insert evil cackle*

What do you think? Although, it will take a few more chapters for that to click for most readers. Some might catch on earlier, though. I hope a few do.

TODAY: Chapter 40 - explosions, bullets, and miscommunication!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations! :-)

    Wow, sounds very intriguing and convoluted (in a good way, of course)...

    Good luck on the next chapter.