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Monday, August 2, 2010

7 Chapters in 6 Days.... -or- Other signs I've lost my mind

Twin: So, your novel, done yet?

Me: Um.... yeah.... about that...

Twin: You're ready to edit, right? You promised me a finished first draft by August first and I expect results.

Me: Um.... yeah.... about that...

Twin: It isn't done yet, is it?

Me: Um....

Twin: What have you been doing????

Me: Life got in the way?

Twin: That was your excuse in May. Finish the **** novel and start editing!

Dot Dot Dot


So, this week I'm finishing my novel. Resisting the lure of wanderlust is hard. My novels tend to meander in the final chapters. I avoid writing The End because The End means Editing May Now Commence.

Editing sounds painful!

Even worse is the dreaded mires of Query Land that come after the Editing Mountains. Oh, fabled Query Land, where the Dark Lords of Rejection Lurk.

.... you know, maybe I should lay off the Tolkein.... anyways, moving on!

The plan runs thusly:
Monday - Chapter 39 wherein conflict happens... really I need an emotional closure here between the two characters who have been dancing around for the past 30 chapters, because I'm planning on killing one pretty soon. Kiss already!

Tuesday- Chapter 40.... Gun shots! High tech assassins, and low-life judges. It's Al Capone gone space age.

Wednesday - Chapter 41... Prodigal son (or daughter as the case may be). Drag the MC back to the horror show of a family she's been trying to escape since Chapter 1 and punish her severely for running away. Death by fire sounds good.

Thursday - Chapter 42... The sell out... Will you trade a stranger's life for your own? The FMC has already traded a few lives in early chapters, is she really reformed, or not? And what happens when it's her neice's life that's being traded?

Friday - Chapter 43.... End Game.... some things are worth dying for. Some things are worth killing for. This is definitely a case of the ends justifying the means. Explosions. Pain. Death. End game.

Saturday- Chapter 44... I say goodbye... The interlude narrator ends the story.

Saturday - Chapter 44/45 depending on how long each set is.... After Life.... The fallout from the choices, and both storylines (interlude and main story) wrap up.

Sunday - Rest

Monday - Format. Print. Edit.

Can I do this?

I have no clue. But look for daily updates!


  1. Ha, I was totally not that harsh. Still, I might be, if you don't get it done >:) Bwa ha ha.

    ...Is it portentious that the word verification is 'rackmen'? :D

  2. Racks are a very bad thing, I feel.

    It's very difficult to type when stretched out on a rack.

  3. Ha, then I shall threaten you with one if you don't finish TM by Sunday >:) Bwa ha.