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Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Finally Friday!

Random Wish List of the Week: A new bookcase. I really, really, need to stop stacking my books on the floor. DH is threatening to not let me buy any more until I figure out what to do with the growing pile of books in our bedroom. And the last Lost Fleet book comes out this month!!!

Totally unacceptable. Lost Fleet, Bewitched and Betrayed, Ally Carter... they all come out in the end of April (I think all of them come out the 17th). I need a solution NOW.

So, I'm thinking... furniture. Like this chair here. Or maybe some of these tables here.

The only real problem with this idea is that the books in my room are the ones I constantly read. Do the math: Liana reads a 300 page paperback novel in 2 hours. If Liana spends zero hours watching TV, and three hours a day with the baby sleeping on her lap, how many books does Liana need so she doesn't go crazy?


At least two average novels, one really boring novel, or three truly excellent novels because I read those faster. I just can't see myself stopping to rearrange the furniture every time I want to read.

Random Explosion in My Life This Week: We finally have beautiful weather, and the AC on the car quit. When it's over 80 degrees outside, and you're on the highway, open windows just don't cool you off like you'd think. Until further notice, I'm grounded.

DH tried to fix the AC Wednesday. A friend is going to look at it tonight. If that fails, I'll have to hope my mechanic isn't taking a long holiday weekend out of town.

What's worse is the writer in me is thrilled to get under the hood of my car and poke around. I can pretend I'm a daring and intrepid space pilot trying to fix her fighter engine before the enemy swarms my position.

No, I really never grew up. :o)

Random Good News of the Week:

1) One of my best friends (and harshest beta-readers) has two partials out on a story she hasn't even queried yet. Go, Dani! She's a fabulous writer and the agents know it. Expect to see her YA fantasy series on the shelves in the next few years.

2) Mid-week our property manager called and asked if we would be interested in selling our old house in Texas. The renters would like to buy it. They've been in there for the past two years and, if they make a decent offer, I'm more than happy to sell. Real Estate, like publishing, doesn't move overnight. But if we sell the house I'll let you know in a few months when all the paperwork is done.

3) Eldest, who repeated first grade because of her APD and other difficulties, has continued her winning streak with another quarter with straight A's. This has nothing to do with writing, probably. But do you know how exciting it is to see your baby, who struggled so hard just to speak, learn to read? Eldest loves to read now! If I don't watch her in the mornings, she'll pick up a book and curl up on the couch rather than eat breakfast. Some day, I hope, she can read my novels and enjoy them. Who knows, maybe she'll write her own.

The Book-y table image was found Here. I can't figure out who the photograph belongs to. If it's yours, let me know so I can cite it properly, and thank you! The car engine (it's an Acura if you're wondering) is copyright to, and courtesy of, Tempest Racing and Turbo Magazine. Bubbles found here, no citation given, thank you to the artist whomever you are!


  1. Oh! I see your dilemma!! Time for a new bookshelf... You can do what my parents did back in the day. Concrete blocks on 8x2's (truestory).

    Congratulations to Dani! And Congratulations at the fact you might sell in this economy! AND YAY for your child! What a great praise!!!

  2. I had those concrete block/board shelves too. They don't look like much, but they work.

    I have books in stacks all over too - but it's gotten better now that I read most of my romances in ebook form. Saves a *ton* of shelf-space (or end table space, as it were).

  3. This a really happy post! Yay!

    *stands in line for Dani's autograph*

  4. Eisley- Cinder blocks... I wonder if I could find those somewhere cheap.

    Jamie - E-books + kids = expensive paperweight. I don't have a fancy phone, I have the one that's waterproof. I need it too. My kids think the fish want to call home to grandma...

    Nayuleska - :o)

  5. keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice and relax day!........................................