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Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's finally, finally, spring!

You'd have to be here to believe how beautiful it is today. All the fruit trees are in bloom, there's a light apple-blossom scented breeze. It's a perfect day for starting the next portion of Twisted Metal.

The MC, Roan, is on a new planet and it is, coincidentally, spring. Opening with Roan walking through the city is a fantastic way for me to describe her surroundings. And it's realistic because Roan really enjoys where she is at.

Describing the city is a little bit harder. I have to build it first.

This is where I really wish I could draw well. Or had taken a design class in college.

Although the planet is very arid, I picture Roan's city of Oasis as being a verdant convergence of several major waterways all tamed and built around by the people who terraformed the planet. I'm thinking something that's a cross between San Antonio's river walk and Sea Port Village in San Diego meets the canals of Venice and the laid-back attitude of Seattle.

With the temperatures sneaking up, along with the hemlines, my brain is set in summer-mode. I want my characters wearing sandals or going barefoot, eating fresh fruit, chilling on the river rafts, and dune surfing until I start shooting at them again.

What about you?

Does the warm weather have you kicking off your shoes and planning a vacation for your characters? Or are you able to write about winter and ice in the middle of spring blooms?

The first picture is a crepe myrtle tree from my backyard in Texas. The second picture is courtesy of, and copyright to, Trinity.ecu (Trinity College) of San Antonio, TX. If you ever get to visit the river walk, or the open air markets, I recommend the experience to you.


  1. I'm jealous. There's snow on the ground. It snowed on my when running errands earlier.

    It's spring, all right.

  2. Stephanie- That's horrible! Come on down and visit. It'll be in the 80's here for the rest of the week.

  3. Holy macro... it's like you are a month ahead of us. At it was close to 80 degrees here. Everything except for the crocuses is just budding.

    Still... I went for my first walk of the year in shorts, tshirt, and sandals. And I was very happy. :)

    My dog wasn't. <- If the warm temps stick around, I'll have to move our walk date later in the evening so he doesn't melt.

    Weather showing up in my writing?

    *blushes* You'll think I'm crazy, but it is always fall and early winter in my writing.

    Fall is easy to explain, because I love fall. There is just this delicious sweetness in the air during the day and intoxicating hint of chimney smoke in the air at night.

    Winter... I just don't know. Because it's so hazardous, forbidding, empty... it's easy to up the danger and mood in a scene?


    I like the name Roan for a girl<:

  4. Catherine- Thanks! Roan... fits. Even if she doesn't use her name very often. She's under cover. o.o

    I tend to write in the season I'm in. During the winter, I like werewolves and mountains. In the summer I think of baked plains and barren, Martian surfaces. In the fall I think of cold thunderstorms and chill winds. In the spring I think of bright color, and lots of plants!