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Monday, April 19, 2010

I Do Need a Good Laugh

The flu bug hit my house this weekend, which is why I have-been-slash-will-be MIA for a few days. Nothing life threatening, but sleep is good.

On the bright side, I have just been blamed for the volcanic eruption in Iceland:

Anyway, I'm glad you all behaved while I was gone, though I do note the volcanic eruption *peers over glasses at the room* and I want you all to know that if we are to take over the world, allowing the minions to overheat the furnaces to such an extent is Not Acceptable. I mark you all Room For Improvement.

Moi! Would I start a chain reaction like that? Well.... maybe, if it served a purpose and furthered The Plot. But the incident in Iceland hasn't had any noticeable affect on my writing, so I'm claiming innocence. After all, do you know how many minions you need to toss into a volcano to make it erupt?

That's not an effective use of in-house labor.

Always contract out for sacrifices to the volcano gods.

Image of Arenal Volcano courtesy of, and copyright to,